Post 97

Family trip to California for my Grandpa Bendixen's 86 birthday

On the way! Me and my Bro's.

In the airport

My Grandfather, still sharp and looking good.

Marianna, my grandfather's little friend.

Him with my brother

Spent a day with our Aunt Uncle and cousins, went to Santa Cruz in the rain...

Die hard surfers

I think this was my favorite part of the whole trip. Playing Animal. I prayed for God to give me creativity, and He gave me this idea. Praise the Lord. It was much better than just sitting around wondering what to talk about, and really helped us all loosen up, and enjoy each other.

I made Derek some Airwalk shoes. They worked good, for one short walk.

My grandfather's canyon, and property...

As long as I've known him, he's always liked gardening. He's still at it, now he's a scooter farmer.

Went to the beach again, this time in the sun...

Jeriah and I decided to take a run down into town this morning, and do some shopping. But we found they were having a big foot race and the street was lined with people on eather side. They were cheering for Jeriah, he was in first place. He couldn't tell them he didn't start from the start and wasn't in the race, so he just enjoyed it.

California was very green from lots of rain...

I found this dove nesting in the palm tree

A bridge being built

Overall it was a delightful trip. In addition to playing the Animal game, some of my favorites were...
Seeing the cousins play with my uncle
Singing some very nice songs for my relatives several times
My grandfathers birthday party (he said "I think that was the best party we've ever had here. See, you don't need alchahol to have a good time")
And, going to the beach.

And it was nice to get back home, we had some welcoming things...

Welcome notes

a computer desktop

and my guitar was in tune! See, there's advantages to having people over while you're gone!

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