Post 88

I spent a week with my Grandpa, Uncle and Aunt, and their 2 kids (my cousins) in California.

It started with a flight. Just beautiful along the west coast.

Looks best from the plane.

I was following up a visit by my brother Jeriah. Here we are the night overlaping our trips.
L to R Jeriah Bendixen, Grandpa George Bendixen (Ben), Uncle Mark Bendixen, myself Barak Bendixen, Cousin Derek Bendixen, Cousin Danielle Bendixen, Aunt Laura Bendxien (behind camera).

I spent the first half of the trip with my Grandfather at his place. Everything was very green on his property.

Even the driveway had moss.

We were working on a new shed.

Always a new project going on around here, that's the way my Grandpa is.

My grandpa's place holds lots of good memories for me. Many good times with my grandparents and cousins. I've climbed all over that mountainside. I remember this cart was my bed when I was 2 years old. They lined it with blankets and made it very cozy.

Here's the night view of Silicon Valley from my grandpa's deck. It still sparkles, it always has.

They truely were quite accomidating to us bears. I spent a couple productive hours here.

The second half of the trip I spent going between my Grandfather, and Uncle's family.

Aunt Laura

Derek and friend, with me.


Uncle Mark. We spent the day doing plaster. I truely did enjoy the time. Just that I was with my Uncle, Aunt, and cousins. I love them a lot, and have missed them.

I hung out with my cousin Derek quite a bit. Shooting skateboarding tricks...

Here is some video footage of his skateboarding...
Let's start out with my 2 favorites...
He did fall here, but It's perfectly understandable since he's riding sideways.

Now these are his favorites...
Straight through
Straight, and spin

Played Monopoly


Danielle and Derek, my favorite and only cousins

My favorite picture of the trip. That's about how they usually look.

Spent a delightful day with my Aunt Laura. I'm the one in the camo.

Also spent a delightful evening with my Uncle Mark in his garden hot tub. Sorry, I didn't get a shot, but here's his garden.

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