Post 72

Rejoice with me, for I got a new guitar! Praise be to Jesus! Thank you Lord! Glory to God! Hallelujah! You are so good to me!

I was talking to with God this morning (isn't that amazingly great). I was thinking about what to say when people ask me what type of music I play. I hand out CDs to people often, and they are always asking me that. He gave me a good answer...
My songs are songs of hope, songs of love, and joy, and peace. Songs of faith. I sing of freedom, and of a dream... a dream that this world will be a better place. That there is a better life. That there is a bigger hope.

Will you sing my song, will you join my dream?

It's a Guild jumbo Model GAD-JF30

My little brother Levi thinks the best part about it is the case. It is a pretty cool case.

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