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This is Isaac and Mary. They are to be married in December so my brothers and I were helping Isaac build a log cabin for them to live in. Got 3 Months to go.

They sat down and told us all about how God directed them to each other, and each told us how committed to the Lord the other was. That's what attracted them to each other. And a little tip for you all out there... God sure is an attracting person:-) So follow Him wholeheartedly, and don't worry about anything else.

Here's the footing. Except for the concrete blocks and the pressure treated beams on them, this is all made from trees Isaac has cut down and milled. Isaac Canfield is a real woodsman, that's for sure.

Always has a chain saw close bye.

Isaac's brother and sister came over on this to tell us it was lunch time. Jack, and Keturah. They were funny.

I went with Keturah to collect the eggs. I even pulled one out from under a chicken.

Yep, it's a real live farm here. This is the milk cow. Goooood milk.

My good brother Eleazar, me, Isaac and his brother Jack, and my good older brother Jeriah. I tell ya', It's nothin' but the best in this crew. That's for sure.

That is as far as we got when we had to go. Guess where we went...

To the Horning family! Sure, many of you may have never heard of the Hornings, but consider yourself blessed, now you have. I see now that unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of them, I didn't take any picture all night. I was all pictured out, and just wanted to enjoy everyone. But Eleazar did get a few of the evening...

2 other families came too. Here's some of the Ericksons.

This is Wes. He is a good accordion player, and was playing with my brother Levi. We had a beautifully blessed time. We all got to sing, and I also got to sing a couple of my songs. They went really well. The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich.

My nice little friend Rosie (with emphasis on "little". She's supposed to stay that way, and it looks like she's stretching the limits.)

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