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We took a fine visit to Grand Rapids where we met all these precious believers. I was able to hear several personal accounts of their repentance, and deliverance from sin. Many if not all of them had a very religious upbringing, but did not find true freedom from sin. It wasn't until collage days that they experienced the true victorious Christian life. Of the ones I personally talked to, and heard from, I found that they were brought out of a great deal of false religion, namely living in sin wile professing Christ. They were in bondage to all sorts of false gods. You know, whatever you think, and talk about the most, and focus on the most, that is your god. You don't have to call it your god, it just is. And if it's anything other than the one true God, God the Father, His son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, then it is a false god. They had come out of bondage to things like excessive competitive running, movies, video games, basketball, one to pornography. I would highly recommend their website There are many testimonies on their of their coming to freedom in Christ, a handful of which I was very encouraged to hear first hand. They also have a good music site Also, they are having a 2 day camp meeting Aug. 27-28 05 that I would love to see you all at.

Whatever your hang-up, release it, give in to Christ!!!

Here's newlywed Chris, and Ashley Walker. Chris sang this great song he wrote titled I Can't Hold It In. Check it out at in the Grand Rapids section.

Rebecca on the flute

We stayed at the Jason and Andrea Neil's house, here's Jason with the kids.

Malachi likes to sing with his guitar.

Levi and his rides. Those kids really liked them. One thing exceptional about all the children here, is how well behaved the parents have raised them. Honoring their parents and not whining when told to do something.

Went to the park. Here's Esther, and Hosanna Neil (top, and bottom), and Jasmine Rebecca's daughter in the middle. I don't know weather the adults or the children had more fun, I just know there was lots of fun going on.

Of course, I had to show them how to do the slide. That was a twist.

Here's a very encouraging guy, Jason, with his wonderful wife Heather, and delightful daughter Johanna. Jason really wants people to come to God, he sang me a song of his called Fear God. Check it out at in the Grand Rapids section.

Scott, his wife Lee, and son Simeon.

Scott has many wonderful scripture songs available at in the Grand Rapids section. I would recommend Isaiah 58.

Erik and Karen, and family.

Erick's brother Ryan with his wife Kim, and fam'. I had a great talk with Ryan, telling each other all about the freedom Christ has given us from the traps of sin.


Chris, and Tasha Craighead, with their nice little boy Phinehas

Good ol' brother Tom, the guy with a smile twice as big as his face.

My apologies, the picture's not good. But these are some real precious folks. Joshua, and Holly. I took a jog with Josh one morning, he told me all about his journey to victory from sin. He struggled a long time in sin, even while very involved in church. He was even a church leader, but could not find victory. He very soon burned out, and basically gave up. Then the Lord led him to a website that proclaimed victory, he contacted the people, and God gloriously transformed his life into a victorious one.

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