Post 48

These are some photos of some good friends of mine, the Erickson family. It was a beautiful evening after we had been at an orchestra concert with thim where their girl Diana played. They truely are a wonderful family Such lovely children, by such lovely parents. One of God's many big blessings He's let me experinece.

Here's a song I recorded last night. I didn't write it, but I really like it. It means so much. Jesus loves me a whole lot, glory be unto to Lamb(Jesus)! Goes good with this photo post too.
Gotta' Let it Go

This is Rosie. I think she's named that because she is rosie.

Here's Gloria with my brother El.

Good ol' brother Levi

Calvin, fine lad isn't he? You usually can't catch him without that smile either.

Had a great time on Levi's rope swing...


Rosie, and Cal. Ready... he goes!

Diana and Gloria...

Sure, I missed most of Rosie here, but it's just great to see that smile. Jesus lives in that girl, she told me before!

El, Gloria, Sally

Here's a shot of Olivia, my Mom, and Mrs. Erickson. We had a peace filled time of singing in the evening. I sang a few songs the Lord has given me, and we all sang together of Jesus and His salvation.

The whole Erickson family.

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