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As I write I am reminded of the joy in the Lord, and the anticipation I was experiencing before the home fellowship meeting at our house Thursday night. Before the meeting I was thinking "another home fellowship just like all the ones before", but I quickly recognized... that thought was not of God and knew that God could make this home fellowship brand new as he has done SO many times before. It was like a spark of new life. I was playing guitar and singing many songs just by myself there. Phrases like "I'm a new creation", "it's no longer I who liveth, but Christ who liveth in me", and "in Your death is my birth, in Your life is my life" held great new meaning to me. God brought the verse to mind...

2Cor 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.
All this excitement in God seemed to carry over into the group singing time. There was such joyful, fun filled singing. 2Cor 5:17(above) was a big part of it. Praise God for making all things new! We prayed a scripture passage, and started singing songs of surrender to Jesus. Then Mr. John Heyworth led us in a delightful message on Matthew 18. The Holy Spirit really led the meeting. Thank you Holy Spirit!

There is a wonderful man I know. I saw him the other day after not seeing him for quite some time. I asked him how he was, he said "Life is hard, but God is good". I told him "Well, God is life, so life is good". I probably should have been more understanding, but I wasn't thinking about that at the moment, I was thinking about how good God is. And that is what this home fellowship meeting I have been talking about made me think of... how good God is. Always new, always life!

So I believe there is one thing that would aptly describe this fine night, and that is this...


Here's my wonderfull brother in Christ Ricky Alessio. After the meeting we did a little guitar. He's playing on the guitar which my uncle Don gave, and I recently repaired. It is sounding particularly good tonight, praise be to God. See repair photo below.

Andrew Nanney wearing his wonderful smile.

After a while I went outside with the wilder side and made a few fast flights over the following snow jump. It was thrilling, especially since I did it with God's blessings, that is His children.

While working the other day, I found this encouraging chalk board saying "Jesus", and "grace".

Here's a close up. See that old frumpy humidifier(top, right). It's not there any more. I installed a slick new Carrier humidifier. I love the job.

Now we will go back in time to the 2005 Detroit International Auto Show. Went there with grandpa last week.

The hardest part was parking. I guess you could expect that at such an auto show. Here's my brother Jeriah on the Detroit People Mover.

Happend to meet up with our good friends Roger and Tina Walker there with the kids. It was a blessing.

Josiah Walker motorcycle man.

Here's grandpa, high stylin' it now!

Me too

Cars, cars everywhere...

Now we will go even further back in time to the trip we took to visit family in Illinois

Here's my uncle Don. He is a cattle farmer. He's currently raising about one hundred sixty.

Here's a few in his fleet.

He's also a guitar player, mostly steel guitar and dobro.

Here I am on his dobro.

Here's the guitar that we gave us, while it's being repaired. It was quite cracked and warped. I installed some new braces.

More good relatives. We had much good singing.

Some people will try to sell you anything. Just kidding, this is cousin Aaron, he's working on a vehicle.

Here's cousin Kevin and his wife with my grandparents. Kevin is starting a coffee shop to spread Jesus to the area youth. He said there are 30 bars in town, 2 smoke filled pool halls, and not one alchohol free, and smoke free place for people to gather, like a gormet coffee shop. God bless the endevor, may many come to Christ, and many be saved from a wreck of a life.

And last but not least we have my parents. This is the stairwell where they first saw each other at collage. After 28 years of marriage they went back to find the place.

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