Post 24

Well, be prepared my fine friends. Because this is a whopping post. Sure, it may take forever to load, but there's a lot of good stuff here.

These are photo's of a baptismal get together, where many friends from all over came to celebrate. The purpose of this was to symbolize the believer being dead to sin, and alive to Christ. It was truly a wonderful time of worship.

Here we have the Thompson kids singing.

I had to shrink these down just so this Post wouldn't be too extravagantly large, but these are the children who were baptized, along with there fathers and a couple grandfathers...

This is a caboose on the property, they tooted the horn for each one baptized.

And now we have some shots of that wonderful Christian family life!!!.....

How ya' like that face on the left. Ha!

A group of Taiwanese that wanted to visit, along with the Johnson's who they came with.

The DeLauterantey family

The renown Charles Erickson. Yep, comin' along. He's been working hard on that belly for a couple years now.

The exciting sport of water balloon volleyball.

Got together and worshiped Jesus with a little music.

Two very nice friends of mine, Ruthie Thompson, and Lizzy Goodreau.

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