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Praise the Lord folks. God is life, and God is good. So life is good, and life goes on!

We were reading in the Bible recently and came across this little clip from Hosea 10:12 "It is time to seek the LORD." There is a lot I don't understand in that book, but I DO understand that. See, you don't have to worry about not understanding ALL of God's Word. Just take it one clip at a time. Then run with it!

It is time to seek the LORD!

Shiloh helping Grace get ready for the paper route.

The big happy family.

Amanda painting Amity's room

Found Amity like this her first night in her room.


On our fourth anniversary. We went go-carting.

Uncle J.C. the chimney sweep.

Biddinger family reunion

J.J.'s Birthday...

Shiloh with his great Grandpa Thompson

Family picture! The kids just loved it.

The whole Biddinger family.

All 9 Biddinger kids. My wife is the pretty one (wearing green.)

Amity with Aunt Katie

She's a good eater.

Jeriah and Elijah helped replace my decking.

Ride 'em cowboy!

Shiloh watering the floor.

This was peeking in our window.

Amanda out with Laurie Campau, Andrea Kissing, and all the kids.

Amity singing with me at The Dessert Oasis

We had a neighborhood bonfire. It was great. 12 neighbors came. Here's Levi sharing a Bible lesson.

Shiloh's first Birthday.

The Romeo Peach Festival 2012 (Michigan Peach Festival of Romeo 2012)...

I sang for 3 days. We gave out gospel CDs and animal balloons.


We had a great time there. I believe we gave out 300 CDs.

Church Kids

Can you figure it out?

Levi and I will be performing Christmas music again this year at the Kris Kringle Market. It is held in downtown Rochester MI. We will be playing Friday 11-30-12 from 4 to 6pm, and on Saturday 12-1-12  from 1 to 3pm. You're welcome to come listen.

   Want us to sing and speak
   at your Church or event?
   Please contact me.
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