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Trip to Chicago

We visited Amanda's brother's family, Don and Connie Biddinger, and their baby girl Ashley. We also visited the IBLP Headquarters. Then visited First Baptist Church of Hammond.

Kids at the Thursday night Bible study at Donnie and Connie's home. They ended up with 10 neighbor kids, lots of fun.

Saw my friends Zachary and Ethan Carriger there.

Amity enjoyed Zach's turtle

We got to meet with Bill Gothard.

I had read something a few days before about Jack Hyles and how he had passed away about 11 years ago and what a big impact he had. I thought about how he had a big impact in my family. My father was attracted to the purity at his school (Hyles Anderson) and wanted to go there and find a wife there. My parents met there. I thought about how I wish I had had some sort of connection with him while he was still alive. Why is it that only after his death do I get to appreciate him. I wish I could have talked with him, thanked him, or at least seen him preach while he was alive.

I told Amanda about my wish and she said "Well there are still others alive who have had a big impact." I though "Bill Gothard." He has had a very big impact on my family and on Amanda's family. I knew we would be going to his ministry headquarters, but I doubted he would be available or even in town. Praise the Lord he was there and was able to meet with us. I got to tell him how he had affected my family and Amanda got to tell of hers, and we thanked him for it.

Touring Downtown Chicago...

The Bean

Shiloh is such a cutie. He was just sitting there bobbing back and forth while we were walking along.

At the LEGO store

Donnie and Connie pushing Ashley

Riding the train

A flat

Shiloh and Amity with their cousin Ashley.

It was baby dedication day at First Baptist of Hammond. Ashley was dedicated.


Amanda Lee and Me visting memory lane

Here's a testimonial I received...

Dear Brother Bear,
I played one of your songs to a elderly woman who I was caring for. It touched her so much that she became a Christian. She was on her death bed and she gave over her life to God. I fully believe she is walking the streets of heaven now, side by side with God.

I played the story of the prodigal son you gave at the beginning of the CD. It touched her so that she gave her life over to God. Plus the sermon you gave in the middle of the CD I also played to her. She had never heard of the teaching of Jesus and the story of the son who was lost and later became found. It touched her. I thank you for the CD.

I work at a nursing home now as activities director. Since I received your CD I have played it for them. Each one who has never heard of Jesus, when I played the story of the son and the sermon you gave at the middle, it has changed their lives for the best. Please keep up the good work.

Love your friend in Christ,
Cassandra Dean, GA

She's refering to A Certain Man Had Two Sons, and The Wordless Book.

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