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Phillissa stayed with us a while...

She memorized Psalm chapter 23 with me. She did really well. I gave her a candy for each verse.

We had lots of fun.

We rode the Detroit People Mover

Got to see Jonathan and Elizabeth Devine's baby boy, Malcolm. We're so happy for them.

Our new house that the Lord gave us...

Here we are the day we bought it. We were able to pay cash for it, thank the Lord.

Ever since I was about 12 years old I had been saving up to buy a house for my family someday. I was committed to staying out of debt. But through the years, house prices were rising faster than I could build my savings. Then houses went down, but my investments followed close behind. I thought we would not be able to afford a suitable house for a long time. However, I had also invested in silver years ago which I was surprised to find had risen 500% by this year. I was able to sell that and buy the house cash. I thank the Lord for watching my back!

Here it is! Some of these are before and after pictures. Roll mouse over pictures to see what it looks like now...

Living room (before and after)

Kitchen (before and after)

Bathroom (before and after)

1st floor bedroom (before and after)

Amanda traced the flower designs on the walls using an overhead projector, then painted them.

The sunroom. We really enjoy eating out here in the evenings.

The back yard

Looking into the hallway through the sunroom doorway.

We kept Amity safely stored in the cabinet while we worked.

Dining room


2nd floor smaller bedroom

2nd floor larger bedroom

Celebrating grandma's 86th birthday at Aunt Marilyn's...

Issac and Cara Boscovic...

We went to visit them in Canada for a weekend.

Mr. Boscovic and his mother.

Real wood heat

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