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Hi there all,
We took a trip to Pennsylvania. First we went by Jackson MI and picked up Amanda's mother (Momma Biddinger) and sister Grace. From there we went to the West side of PA where the relatives are. Next, we traveled to the East side of PA, saw Jeriah & Aurora and some of Amanda's friends, and went to Charity Christian Fellowship. Then we backtracked and eventually made it home. God was good, it was a great trip!

Here's a bunch of pictures from our trip...

These buildings may not mean much to you, but they have some wonderful memories for me. Charity Christian Fellowship is where I went to Charity Youth Bible school 3 times and got to see and experience much revival.

Us with Mrs. Kenaston. (Jackie Kenaston, Denny Kenaston's wife) We had a good talk with her.

A common sight around there.

My brother Jeriah with his fiance, Aurora, and her maid of honor, Katia.

Amanda and a couple EQUIP friends, Liz and Danicka.

Check it out! Funny.

5 generations

Anna with our blubber-face!

Amanda with her great-grandma Bolland

Aunt Merlene and Uncle Ken

...end of trip.

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