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More pictures of our precious daughter Amity Lee Bendixen, born 12-23-2009.

We had the birth right here at home, and it was an excellent experience. God is good!

I got to catch her. She was quiet and looking around when she was born.

Weighing her in at 7 lb 8 oz.

Won't anybody listen!!!

We did it!

Showing her off. Both of our families came right over to see her.

Amity with all her aunts.

My Dad and Mom, now grandparents.

Amity's great-grandma Hiatt

Aunt Jemima!

The proud grandparents Momma and Poppa Biddinger

Our favorite Christmas present

Alessios were there to meet her

Christmas Eve at our apartment. Amity was one day old...

Went over to my family's for Christmas...

Our first outing with Amity at 2 days old. 

My brother Eleazar made an announcement sign for us.

Our great midwives Wendy Pinter and Dilcia LaRocca. 

Chris and Ashley Walker came by.

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