Post 201

Amanda (left) and I got to hear our baby's heartbeat. Laura McKinley (center) with her midwifery talents helped us find it. You can hear our baby's good strong heartbeat here. Amazing!... there's actually a real person inside her! Thank you Lord!

With little Seth Cooper.

Church kids out eating lunch

The cable slider

My brother Jeriah in his chimney sweep outfit.

Amanda and I took a little moped ride around the side streets.

Beautiful days, with my beautiful wife.

Oops, now that's an awkward position for a truck.

Pregnancy shot. She's 3 months along now, but you'd never know it. She's lost about 15 pounds since becoming pregnant. Poor girl couldn't eat, but she's doing better now.

Alanna Johnson's wedding

Jim and Alanna Soderna

The roof of the get-away car, from the inside out

Johnny Bancroft

Brian and Jessica Burma and family.

Jim Lane

Jack Walker III and Noel

Oh yeah!

My brother Levi had an accordion recital and pizza dinner at the South East Michigan Accordion Society. He played some amazing songs. It cost $5 to attend, but the performers got in free... so I though I'd play a couple songs. Got free pizza and pop, $5 to McDonald's, and a used trophy with an accordion on it! What a deal!!!

The flower pot garden we've been growing on our front porch...

Sweet peas and tomatoes

Momma Biddinger and Gracie came over the other night.

Patting the baby

Good bye, good night.
Sweet dreams of Jesus

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