Post 191

The boulevard right next to our apartment

We had a junior bridesmaids' sleep over. Grace, Jemima, Phyllissa, and Susanna stay
with us for three days and two nights!...

Everyone got a great laugh out of it, so I guess I'd better tell you about it. I picked up Amanda to give her a kiss and stretched my back while setting her down. I couldn't do anything other than lay flat for 3 days. Amanda had to help me with everything. The Lord showed me how quick I could loose all my physical ability and be totally dependent on others to help me with even the most simple tasks (like rolling over). He taught me how to relate to others hardships, and see my dependence on Him.

We went to visit Amanda's great-grandma in Pennsylvania and sang with her.

Visited David and Jennifer Bullinger

Our wonderful church family...

Dale Cooper had a gathering at his home. Had some good fellowship in the Lord.

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