Post 189 B

The second post on our honeymoon.

The World Famous Bush Man in San Fran. He hides behind his bushes on a busy sidewalk and surprises the unsuspecting people that walk by. It's a great laugh!

We were walking along the docks looking for him. I was telling Amanda how he had been in that same area last time I was here, but we couldn't see him. Then, I notice a bunch of people huddling around and looking in one direction. I thought to myself, "Oh, that might be the Bushman!" So, I quickly changed the subject and talked about sea lions. And, I swithced Amanda to the other side of me--putting her on the Bush Man's side. (She thought I did it to protect her from all the people coming toward us...) I kept talking and directing her focus off toward the water and led her right by the Bush Man. He shook his bushes at her and growled! :-) Amanda grabbed my arm and crashed into me as she tried to get out of the way!

See him in action here...

The seals that live (and fight) on Pier 39

Enlisted as a volunteer on Pier 39 on the docks of San Fransisco

Lombardo Street, San Fransisco

Stayed at some wonderful Bed and Breakfasts along the way. This was in Half Moon Bay CA.

Boat docks at Eureka, CA...
We enjoyed Eureka. I was needing some good Christian fellowship in the Lord, and He led us to some there. There was a shop keeper who told us how God had saved her.

Amanda and I sat and watched seals in the water.

Amanda wanted me to play her a song on the pink guitar

Redwood forest...

We drove through a living red wood.

I had to move this one off the path for Amanda

Driving through the redwood forest...

Santa Cruz

We hung out for an hour or so at Mr. Toot's Coffeehouse in Capitola, CA where Amanda played piano.

Visited the relatives...

This is my Grandpa Ben

Check out that back window

Heading home.

It was a fabulous time. We really enjoyed it. God has been so good to us. It's so great being married!

See you next time. God bless.

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