Post 170 


Anyone for a camp fire?

These'll keep you cool.

My grandma's antelope antlers all covered with snow.

Dress up

Sledding, and snow fight...

So here's Faithy struttin' along, and... WAMO! I don't know what happened! (mouse over)
Perhaps it didn't quite go that way, but it makes a good story.

It was a good war. 'Course my team won.
I think.

Phyllissa Biddinger, what an angel.

The mob

Joe. Click him to see an interview on sledding.

God's great!

Ken Willard, or is that Kennard?

The load, I felt like a bus driver.

Went to see the Lapeer Civic Orchestra. Heyworth play there now. It was grand. Peter and the Wolf was great.

Got the see Will and Elisabeth there, and of course they wanted their picture taken. They're great...

We're so blessed to have grandma living with us. Here's her listening to Levi play his accordion. (mouse over)

We're building a new recording studio. Click photo to see tour of it.

I am really praising and thanking the Lord for the opportunity to do this. It's 10x14 feet, and all for the Lord. My dad has been helping me plan it out along with lots of research, and it should be very sound proof. Just got the second layer of drywall on the ceiling with my bro's tonight.

I'll leave you with some wonderful verses...

Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you. -Jesus (John 15:3)
Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth. -Jesus praying (John 17:17)

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