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I know I may be a little late, but I want to welcome you all to year 8. May the good Lord bless you richly in this 8th year. 

I would also like to encourage you to join my New Years resolution. I am going to loose 50 pounds. But I have to gain it first.

He is not here, for he is risen!

We all had a great time digging out Jeriah's snow fort. Don'tcha love that snow.


Watch a blob here. Of course ending in the most magnificent disarray possible.

I got up too early one morning, and saw the moon. Isn't it nice, praise the Lord.

A little picture I drew for the verse. In case you didn't catch it, it's a combination lock.

Little and big. Had a great little walk out in the woods with some of the Johnsons and Biddingers.

Here's Ben looking very dignified (hope he doesn't mind)

Nice foot

The Conleys. Strange, they look about the same as when I knew them 13 years ago, only a whole different batch of kids.

Quite a string of socks huh?

The artisan at work.

Better watch it Joe!

Easy does it.

How many mid flight snow balls can you spot?

Elisabeth and I had a good time flying around these dragon flies. See a little clip of one in action here.

Grandma showing off her brand new Charity made scarf.

That El, always has to be a smarty pants.

A new CD for Grandma. Check them out Really good music, I have 3. Try the Watchman CD.

Here's Dad and Levi checking out his new book.

Hannah had a great idea, this was so fun. Mr. Carriger, I, and a bunch of kids went out caroling after the church meeting. A very joyful time.

It's a little video of Lucy and I singing The Lamb Song It was her idea, and we had a blast doing it. And no, this video is not recorded on my new mic, just my little pocket camera. If you want the mic edition, let met know.

The Lord brought a few things to mind the other day, and a few more, then a few more. After they all got put together, I though "Now that's pretty good". This one's mainly for the men and boys, so listen up guys, you hear...

Jesus is a warrior, and us men need to be too; Fighting for our King Jesus. What would Jesus fight against?... the Devil, evil principalities, sin. What would He fight for?... Truth, right, justice, victory.

We must fight even when it is hopeless. Will you have hope when there is only hopelessness? Sure we will sustain some injuries, sure it will hurt. Sure we will have hardships, but that's all part of the war. Jump right in there with a grin. Welcome pain. Don't do it because it's easy, do it because it's right. Do you think it was easy for Jesus to give his life on the cross? How do you think it would be to have everyone turn against you? He didn't do it because it was easy. No. He did it because it was right.

A warrior for Jesus fights long and hard, and does not give up. He gives no rest to the enemy. He will not allow any little enemy to fester in some foxhole somewhere. That means sin. Confess it. Totally blow it out of there at all costs.

Now, raise your right hand all you men...
Got it up?...
Repeat after me...

"I am a man"
"I fight for Jesus"
"He is my King"
"I will harbor no sin. None!"
"I will be loyal to my King"
"I will serve Him forever" because...
"I am a man."

Now take your imaginary sword and chop off that old serpent's head!

I am very blessed. I have seen a fresh renewal in the joy of the Lord, and His ways in me. Thanks be to Him!

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