Post 165

Game night at the Johnsons...

Alanna! It was nice to see her, it's been a while.

Got to see lots of wonderful friends. I didn't get many pictures though. So if any of you that were there come by here, let me know if you have more pics.

Went on a ski trip. It was really a good time. Good talk of the Lord. Good singing in the van. Good brothers and sisters. God is GOOD!...

Nathaniel DeSota and family

Sarah Banura

Nathan and Micah Kissling

Daniel and Laura Banura.

Ethan Carriger

Rachel, El, me, and Zack

Zack, Leah, Jacob, Rachel, El

Nathaniel, and Caleb

We drove up with the Heyworths and Carrigers. To close out the day we had a Chinese dinner, yum yum. It was a long trip but the scenery was nice. See that sight out the window.

Bless the Lord o my soul, and all that is within my bless His holy name.

Went Christmas caroling at the Erickson's annual caroling night. I think it was bigger than ever. We had a blast. JOY TO THE WORLD!!! THE LORD IS COME!!!...

Ericksons, John Rosie and Charles.

The kids were sitting on the bed while I was telling the kids stories.

'Course I had to jump up there with them for a snapshot.

Life is good!
God is life.

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