Post 163

The other night I went out for a walk. I found myself praying this "Lord God build in us a holy idealism!". And I thought, THAT is what we need. It encompasses so much.

a prayer...

Lord God build in us a holy idealism!
Build a holy idealism in what You can do in our family relations.
Build a holy idealism in what our relationship with You can be like.
Build a holy idealism in the holiness you can bring us to, in our personal lives.
Build a holy idealism in what You can do in Your church.
Build a holy idealism in what we can be, when fully surrendered to You.
Lord I want to know you more!

Here's Marian Schpanski. He was held in the Nazi's Auschwitz concentration camp, and told his story to a bunch of us over at the Strunks home. It was a wonderful evening. The Strunks have a very warming home.

Saw the Messiah. Handel's Messiah that is. That song has such power, I really really like it.

Johnson visiting...

Had fun telling the kids stories. Here's Patience and I trying not to smile.

And Christian being goofy.

There's Levi for you, playing with a balloon. Poke it with your cursor, and see what happens.

Jeriah and I were doing a chimney cleaning for these people and the little boy drew a picture for us.

Here he is at his drawing station...


Broke a window the other day. whoops!

Click above to see a music video my brothers and I did while working on the van. If The Thing Don't Fit, Make It Fit. It's great changing out tie rods at night when it's 20 degrees, when you have my bros.

My church...

Levi made a welcome face for everyone.

We all went down to the parade, it was wet.

The chimney sweep march

Funny one

Tom and Rosie Martindale, with their daughter Katie

Jeriah and I took a nice little trip to see our pals in Grand Rapids...

My friend Josh Young, and Dave.

We did a little work at Josh's house, see those fine lookin' stainless steel top dampers on that chimney? Yep, mighty fine.

Had breakfast over at the Neils. Wonderful time with them. God bless you all. You are a blessing...

Spent a nice evening over at the Jeff and Cathy Johnsons...

God's good. The kids found a little mouse that provided them much fun. It scurried right up Alex's sleeve.

Blessings... We prayed, sang songs, and played games...

Here we are up working on the heat at a shopping center. Fun fun fun!

We were installing this here mighty fine foinas, and the lady of the house brought us down this fancy platter. 

We thought we were kings...

These kids Paul and Krisha always love to have us come work at their house. They were excited about us coming all day. Nice family.

Ethan got to work with me one day. That's sure a very classy picture with that fan powered General humidifier isn't it? Guess who installed it?

I heard a chomp chomp chomp, and what did I see!

This is my new friend Drew. I met him on a job and he asked if I could be his friend. I'm glad he did, I wanted to be. He really likes swords, he had about 10 of them there he had made out of cardboard, and a couple strapped to his sides.

May the good Lord be with you all, thanks for stopping by.





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