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I spent this past week at the Oakland County 4H Fair in the Child Evangelism tent. The way it worked was they would hear the story of Jesus, then we would give them an animal balloon or face painting.

The Wordless Book pages...

Gold = God lives in heaven, loves you more than anyone, and is absolutely perfect.

Dark = Your sin darkens your heart and hides God from you.

Red = Jesus died to clean your heart.

Clean = Have your heart made perfectly clean from sin, come to Him.

Green = Grow in God's ways.

1 John 1:7...the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleans us from all sin.

What's next? Try reading the book of 1 John in the Bible. Any questions?



These two guys were my biggest blessing of the whole week. It was on my first day, and they were the first people I talked too. I explained the gospel to them, asked them a few questions, and they wanted to be saved. They knew they were sinners, and wanted their heart washed clean by Jesus. The Lord kept supplying me with the words they needed. I asked each of them about the decision they wanted to make, and they understood it well. I was so excited for them. As we prayed together I had to fight back the tears of joy, knowing they were making the best choice they could ever make, to come to Jesus. They said they had never heard about Jesus dying to save them before.








Faith. You can't go to the fair and miss her.


Her sheep




This is Dilbert. He and his wife have been working in child evangelism at this fair for over 30 years.



Dilbert is such an endearing man, you just can't pass him off.


This little guy and his sister were running around the fair all week. Their parents were vendors, and they had just came from equador about 2 months ago. Didn't know a lick of english, but we did our best to tell them of Jesus visually.  


Here they are together. They sure were cute. 



Bethany Boyd and her show dog

Autumn. She came to salvation the day before. On the last day she came about 5 times. She really knew the message of Jesus' clear then. She could tell it herself.


Merit McGee


Johnsons, Robinsons, Whitneys


The face painting crew


How you like that bunney? Painted it myself, thank you very much.


God bless her.


Bro, and sis with their swords.





Christian got a flag


Tina and the kids


Rocket boy Josiah!



Our view




Whitney girls here. "GO JAMES" We were supporting James Johnson in the figure 8 race. He did good. Out of the two race nights, he got 2nd then 1st in his heats.


Poor guy. His flag got a little smuged throughout the day.



I really really enjoyed it, I got to share the precious gospel story with so many people.

Many many boys, girls, parents, and teens came and heard the good news.

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