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This post is on the week spent with my cousin Derek Bendixen. I took a million pictures. View the other half on Post 149 A


Spent the day at the Robinson's here...

Derek having a noodle party






Paul Robinson launching his sister Tori



Underwater. Levi really liked this one, so mysterious.


So I was lounging out in to sun with my camera, and caught this bird flying over. Pretty cool, praise the Lord!





Paul Robinson, future governor of Michigan.



Those little girls liked teasing Derek, he enjoyed it.



Rachel and I


Bro. Jeriah

Bro. Eleazar


Derek skateboarding, he pretty good at it.


Megan the neighbor, she's a good friend of Rachel's and stayed for the day.




The dads. Iced tea and chess.

I got to sing them all many many songs. Thank you Jesus, He is my song!


Bubble gum. Tori's a fine one, mighty fine.


Ele's story time.


Look at that detail, God just amazes me.




Derek's flight back to his home in CA was delayed a day, so we got a little extra time with him, had some folks over and played volleyball and dodge ball with him. It was an added bonus day. I really enjoyed it.

I know it sounds rather small, but my favorite part of his visit was the night before he left. I got to pray over him. I prayed that God would keep him safe, and that He would bless him in all his ways, help him to live right, to love what He loves and to hate what He hates, and that he would be a blessing to his father, mother, sister, and grandpa B. He thanked me for praying for him and I told him about how I like to pray for people.

He asked a question, and it got me thinking. He asked what the Lamb of God is? I told him it is Jesus, how He is compared to a lamb because He is God's limitless sacrifice for our sins, instead of the limited old testament way with lamb sacrifices to cover our sin, Jesus removed it all for ever. But I think the best thing that came to my mind was this... Jesus is so big and amazing that many many things are used in the Bible to describe how good He is,, he is called many things because He is so big. I think the Lord helped me think of that.

I love and enjoy Derek a lot. I remember years ago talking with him about salvation in Jesus, and how he gave a profession of faith and repentance at that time. So I love to see him grow in Jesus.



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