Post 140

If you're in good health thank the Lord for it. I sure am.

Yesterday I was quite sick. Had to skip art lesson, and 2 bike rides. But I did get to go by with my dad and was so encouraged by the art teach Don West. They had some wonderful words about loving the Lord, fighting against evil, and fighting for good. And about fellowship.

I may have been sick, but I was well enough to PRAISE THE LORD. I got to sing for a while out in the woods...



There was this squirrel that would chatter along when I would play guitar. See him there up in the tree....





A few weeks ago at the Grahams. We played music together.


I and Jeriah have been rebuilding this chimney for the last week. It happens to be way up north where most of our friends are. So we had the luxury of visiting the Grahams Heyworths and Johnsons quite a bit.


Stopped by here, and the cousins were over. We had a nice loving type visit. I smile when I see them.




He likes wearing my shoes.



Last Saturday we made a group trip to the Detroit Science Museum. Here we are having a little Bible study before we left...

Those girls looked funny sitting between my brothers.

The Carriger Bro's.


Our tour guide Mr. Alessio. He didn't mean to, but he turned out to be a very good tour guide being a doctor. It was a human body exposition at the Science Museum, and he told us all about everything, how it works and what it does. So amazing, how it all works. Thank the LORD! (we also got to spread the gospel there too, we all love that)


So I was out working all day, and come home to find Ele like this...


He had made all these puppets and was going to do a puppet show. That was a surprise.


Here's the show on Sunday. I was the Narrator with my Bluey Louie puppet...


At church we had a glorious time worshiping the Lord. I know I did. We had many worshipful hymns, prayers, and Bible verses. It is so good to love our wonderful Lord Jesus, and spend some time looking to Him and praising Him. That will be what we do through countless ages in heaven, I'm looking forward to it.

Leah Heyworth has a song that she wrote a few weeks ago about seeing Jesus. Hear it here. It's so wonderful, being original. I want to get a better recording of it soon.

More shots from Sunday...



Sarah being Sarah...







We played Jail Break where I spent most of my time in jail. Victoria kept us entertained.




We were surrounded by fierce jail guards.



Hannah and Charity




Had some great volleyball games.




...That's all for that day.

Now on to more...




Ever have trouble with geese on the roof? These folks do.


This is a little project I put together. It's a railroad crossing bell. Now remote controlled.


These are some persistent flowers coming up a couple weeks ago. PRESS ON INTO LIFE! Fight for it.

They won.


Easter candy, we have to search for ours...

Took Levi and I forever to find his. He got it though.


Speaking of that. We had a great Resurrection Sunday. I played my trumpet. I love playing UP FROM THE GRAVE HE AROSE! It's so powerful, Jesus is so powerful.




As for this day. I am in perfect health (thank you Jesus!). And I have many wonderful things to tell you about and pictures to share. But, I'll have to get to that next time, my day is done.

Life is good, God's in control, the victory is won, and...

pray for me.



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