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Skiing with the Heys, Jacob, and Richard...



Here's a bit of spring. We all went to a garden shop just to catch a breath of summertime. It's a great resting spot in the winter.


Happy Valentines



Here we went out ice skating and sledding with the kids...

This one shows just how cold it was. Wheeeew, chatter chatter chatter!


Pile 'em on. The bigger the better.



Jeriah sold a couple copper chimney caps. Here they are once we installed them.



Here's my dad. He and I were fixing this furnace. We had 4 furnace repairs early Sunday morning, and that's at double price, you can tell people really want heat, we usually never work Sundays.


More kids in the snow. It's a glorious sight. I love it.


Even the dog loves it.


Look out for the snow monster!












These just zapped in from outer space. Actually, sometimes my camera goes loony and thinks white is a sketchy shade of violet.


Ride it John-John!











Me and Emma


















Welcome, welcome, I'll be your friend.... Eeek!, makes me squirm just looking at it.





Jeriah, my grandmother and I went to Grand Rapids this weekend. Here's some of the folks from out there...



Justice and Eli Young




Esther and Andrea Neil


The Neil kids and I. I just love them. Malichi there in the middle asked me when he first saw me "why do you like to dream dreams?" (I think he must have been listening to I Am a Dreamer) I told him, I want to hear from God in my dreams. Then I got to tell him about a dream I had last night. I wrote it down this morning which is something I never do, but I thought God wanted me to this morning, now I know why. It was a nice dream about God's people, many friends of mine from here. We were all together, and it was a very peaceful, joyful, and loving time between us all. I think God was giving me hope and assurance that life is good, and God is doing good things. It was nice to be able to share this with Malichi, I know for sure I would have forgotten the dream if I had not written it down this morning. So... THANK YOU JESUS!

And if your struggling with bad dreams, you don't have too, get help from the Lord! He wants your sleep to be sweet.


Here we are again. That's Joe Garrity on the end, he's trying really hard to get Enoch to smile... didn't work. But it makes me smile :-D


Angela with Ahava


Jason. Don't you like to see piles of coats, shows that there's lots of warm bodies.


Took a little early morning stroll downtown Grand Rapids.


Tending the ice rink.




Bella and Andy.


Cutie pie Lukey Dukey



We went on a great sledding hill. I told this Young guys to smile as big as they could, I think they thought that meant to close their eyes...

Power cheese!


You can see how big the hill was here. Check out my grandma's van in the top left, and Josh up there with his 3 man snow tube. We just flew down that hill!


Wild man Joe! Really he's very kind. You should check out the music he writes and sings with his wife Angela at Try Jesus My Brother in the Grand Rapids section. All the ones that currently say "new" are by them.


Here's Josh luggin' up one of his boys. That was a tough job. They had a blast though.




Joe and Andy


The Big Launch





Well, I'm back home now. I had the most beautiful view of the sunset in my rear view mirror on the drive home. I looked at that big orange sun and it reminded me of God looking down on us in love. I told Him "When I look into Your eyes I see the light of Your smile".

I am so thankful for the loads of blessings He floods me with.

God keep you all. Love Him!

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