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Our fine city Rochester MI, has a great light show this Christmas season. Lit up all the buildings. Isn't that star great? What an emphatic tribute to the Light of the World Jesus! The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up Mt 4:16 !!!...

They kicked off the light show on their annual Lagniappe (Lan-Yop) night. A night where the stores give out little gifts, and many carolers take to the streets. We sang out on the street as we've done several years, this time joined by our world famous GRANDMA! It was so much fun! I got to give out quite a few CDs.

Throngs of people, the crowd was enormous.


A brass band. They were fun.




Here's some pictures I swiped from my brother. You may find them on his site too. They're more snaps of events that I've already posted...


Me blessing the little ones. Just kidding, I was stomping down leaves.

We spend an evening at our friends the Rothenhausers. Raked leaves, paddled around the lake, had a bon fire, and sang.

I underwent a terrible tickle torture, inflicted by Clayton and several others. Oh it was bad, the worst I've had in years.

Out in the paddle boat.




My Dad's birthday...




Our family on Thanksgiving. We went out in this field...

Levi the reader.




Sweet summertime




Funny man at the truck stop.




Church kids with cats

Speaking of tickle torture. AAAAAHHHHH


Cat scan


They all dressed up for Thanksgiving, and sang a song for the parents. I got to play for them.


Here they are practicing last week when I was able to record them some. Click photo to hear (0.9mb MP3)


Lauren Rapp, the wonder child. Eric and Polly Rapp suffered two miscarriages after Lauren was born. Click photo to hear a song the father wrote for those children who were lost. The mother told me Our daughter is three times as precious to us now that we have suffered two miscarriages.

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After listening to it that way, try listening to it in this regard... Oh, my! I never thought of that, but "These Are the Hands" does make a powerful statement for fathers of the aborted. -Polly Rapp




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