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6-28-06 This just in!

When you see the red crosses like this below, what follows has just been added. There's 2.

Here's Tim and Jonnie Thomas back from Hawaii. They have been ministering there for a year. You may laugh when you hear that, but it's true. They are so encouraging. They've just decided this morning to sell all that they have and move there, they feel it's the Lord's will for them. Mr. Thomas is turning 70 soon. His whole life has been a glorious adventure following the Lord. It is a glorious adventure I tell you, a glorious adventure to follow Jesus. Jesus is everything! Travel light folks, the things of this world are weights What more do you need than a small bag, and a Bible...

Tim Thomas told us about five stories of people that came to Jesus while they were there this past year. It brought me to tears, overwhelmed with how much love the Lord has. People all over coming to Him, laying their burdens down. Thank you Lord Jesus!

Overall it was a wonderful time with the church today. Such worship, and thankfulness to the Lord. There were testimonies of several salvations this past week, and other works of God. Here's a song we sang Holy O Holy. The recording doesn't do it justice, but if you mentally focus on the unified voices raised to God you can catch the spirit. Also, I think there was some good praying going on for people. But I can't tell you much about that sence I didn't witness it.


My dad said something about holiness I thought was very good. He and my mother are married, they have each other. They don't worry about loosing each other. But it's sure is fun to pursue each other. Sometimes they chase each other around the house, the whole house shakes. It's just fun. And it's the same way with Jesus. We need to think of holiness as a person; And that person is Jesus. He has made us perfectly holy when we accept His salvation. (Praise Him, Isn't it great!) But even though we have Jesus we can sure have allot of fun perusing Him. It's just fun to pursue Jesus.

Lucy Alessio with Jonnie Thomas

Kittens for the children

Tree dwellers


Allison and I

Lei (front right) had a group of us over to her house the other night. Had a wonderful time. It was a joy to see the work of God take place.

Here's the poster Lei gave me a while back. I got it framed. Praise Jesus!

Just a few boys I saw enjoying themselves. Walking back from the Dairy Treat.

I had the opportunity of recording the Heyworth family singing the other night. Really turned out well. Maybe I can post the recordings?:) I'm sure they'll have a good collection here soon. For now all I have is this picture of what they left behind, Lemuel's trousers. Poor boy, he must have unknowingly crawled right out of them. Also, see the mikes? I hung them from the curtains with bungee cords, to cut the floor thuds. Nothin' but the best in state of the art technology.


Got them now...

1 From the Rising of the Sun
2 Prayer
3 As the Deer
4 Marching On
5 From the Rising of the Sun (with solo by Sarah)
6 Clapping

A air conditioning job my brothers and I were working on. They were under this porch.

I don't know who this is, but he sure looks familiar.

A dragon fly I found. Look at the detail in that thing. God's quite an artist. Not only that, but that thing is self supporting and can fly. God's quite an engineer.

A very nice man made me a custom guitar strap. He's a leather crafter that mostly makes custom shoes. I think the strap's just fabulous. When I was going to have him make it I asked him if he does any leather engraving work, designs and such. He said, no. But when mine arrived, look what it had!...

Brother Bear, and a cross. Whew yeah! The cross, such a sign of victory! Jesus freed all mankind and ME on that cross! Believe Him!

Now for all you guitar strap enthusiasts...
The way it hangs... That's what's this is all about. It is very natural. It's as much like sitting and playing guitar as you can get. See how it's tied at the headstock. That makes the whole guitar centered on you, where you can play best. And that big leather knot brings the strap up out of the playing area. Also this thing is cut at a curve to fit the shoulder, and is 4 inches wide. Anything to spread out that weight.

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